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To Royal or Not to Royal

One of the most common questions people wonder about when starting their family tree journey is: am I related to royalty?

The answer is: maybe?

There are a lot of factors that can help link you to royalty. In my experience, the longer your family has been in the United States, the greater the chance you have a noble/royal link. During the settling of the original colonies, younger sons often left their mother countries for the opportunities offered by the emerging colonies.

In my own tree, one of my poorest branches is allegedly descended from Edward I. I am still claiming "allegedly" as I'll always maintain my own tree is a work in progress despite the fact I've been working on it for over a decade.

The key to finding a noble/royal link is to find an "anchor family." In other words, if you link up with a family that has been well-researched by others in the past, it's generally because they have come from a high-born descent.

Having said all of that, those who really put their heart and souls into genealogy research aren't always excited about finding royal personages. What really excites us is finding information on a sheepherder from the long ago. The servant girl. The person who was fortunate enough to be listed somewhere, so he/she wasn't lost in the mist of history.

Whatever your story might be, it's YOUR story. I assure you, you'll find it an interesting one.

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